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Are you suffering from chronic pain? A deep tissue massage is something that would help you. Some people think deep tissue massage is painful but it doesn’t, it is just that it nourishes the deepest layers of your body. Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years, today massage therapy remains a popular way to relieve a variety of bodily ailments or simply to ease the burden of body pain.

A deep tissue massage will help to decrease anxiety, tension, or pain in your body, it focuses on the muscles and connective tissue. It is similar to Swedish muscle therapy but deep tissue massage releases muscle tension by applying slow and firm pressure. Deep tissue massage is the only way you access those deep muscles by relaxing the topmost layers. When selecting a massage clinic choose one with properly trained therapists who will listen to your specific needs. Contact us, the best full body massage spa in Ernakulam.


Here is how it works, when you receive deep massage, the activity of proteins that cause inflammation and pain lessens. At the same time, the levels of proteins signal the muscle to produce mitochondria, the cell structures that provide energy and help muscles recover from stress and other bodily issues.

Here are some of the Benefits of deep tissue massage


Massage increases blood circulation and helps the body heal on a cellular level, providing nutrients to tissue to help heal the body. This massage technique results in athletes’ improved performance. Massage therapy can be very helpful in the long term and an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. It can help improve the range of motion around certain joints improving flexibility which in turn can help to prevent as well as treat injuries. Similar to the name, deep tissue massage aims at the deeper tissues of one’s muscles. Reach out to the best spa in Ernakulam to get a deep tissue massage.


Tensed muscles can lead to chronic pain. Deep tissue massage decreases pain by loosening up tight tissue clusters. Massage therapy elongates your tensed and uncomfortable muscles. Massage therapy is very much beneficial for soft tissue and joint injuries.


This massage therapy is a proven method for treating stress and pain conditions like anxiety. Massage increases the release of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine which helps to give a feel-good and peaceful effect in your mind. It offers peaceful relaxation. When muscles in the body start to relax, the mind starts to slow down. It can help to promote relaxation and mental health. Mental health should always be your concern, contact our massage centre in Ernakulam to get the best service.


Relaxation from a massage would help carry into better sleep. Since massage target muscle tension and sleep problems that come from daily stress, you are likely to see an increase in energy from massage therapy. If a person is dealing with sleep deprivation massage therapy is the best option they could try.


Deep tissue massage helps decrease blood pressure and helps to improve your body function by removing toxins from your body. It treats lower back pain. Also helps with Arthritis pain/ symptoms.


Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that nourishes your deepest tissues. A lot of people think that deep tissue massage has to hurt, but that is not necessarily true, you will feel a slight level of pain but not crossing that barrier. This provides a lot of relief for any of those aches and pains, any knots that you might have, and general discomfort in the musculature. Deep tissue massage can be very beneficial for people who involve in sports. Deep tissue massage can also be injury-related and is quite good for treating injuries.

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